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A new way of working.

McGlashan MacKay Solicitors are a modern, progressive Immigration firm, built on one ethos - "The client comes first." David McGlashan was the Scottish Solicitor of the year, 2005, with the judging panel remarking that David "treats clients with the respect they deserve." 7 years later, with the launch of McGlashan MacKay Solicitors, that respect for the client remains central to David's vision. Clients continue to remark that David's respect for them, and understanding of their problems, is an important part of the service he provides, to clients in Glasgow, around Scotland and beyond. 

Euan MacKay has several years experience in this area, as an Immigration Lawyer, but every solution for a client gives him the same feeling of achievement as the very first. Euan likes to apply lateral thinking to client problems to ensure that no potential solution is ignored, and will strive to put forward the client's position. He aims to provide a legal answer to very human problems. 
It's not just about respect, but about results, and achieving a result for the client is what drives us to strive, every day, for the client. We understand that Immigration problems drive families apart, but that we have the ability to help keep them together, whether that is by assisting with a Visa application, an Entry Clearance Application, a Visa Appeal, or by appealing against Removal, Deportation or applying for Immigration Bail. Equally, Businesses need to keep key people and assisting a UK business to continue to employ or to recruit key personnel from abroad, is another motivating factor. 
As a progressive, modern firm, we are investing heavily in new ways of working. A cloud based server keeps your information secure, but allows us to work on the move, whether in court, or  elsewhere. This system also allows us to act in an environmentally responsible manner, operating a "paper light" office. As the client is our priority, we offer online consultations, over Skype or using Apple's Facetime technology.