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Fee Structure at McGlashan
MacKay Solicitors

At McGlashan MacKay Solicitors, we believe in transparent and fair pricing to ensure
that our clients have a clear understanding of the costs associated with our legal
services. Our fee structure reflects our commitment to providing high-quality
immigration and asylum legal assistance while being upfront about the financial
aspects of our services.

Initial Consultation
We offer an initial consultation to discuss your case and assess your needs. During
this consultation, you'll have the opportunity to meet with one of our experienced
solicitors, including Euan MacKay, to discuss the specifics of your immigration
situation. The cost of the initial consultation will be [insert fee], which will be
deducted from the total if you decide to proceed with our services.

Legal Service Fees
Our legal service fees are structured to reflect the complexity and scope of the
immigration services required. Fees for services provided by our solicitors, including

Euan MacKay, are determined based on factors such as the nature of the case, the
amount of legal work involved, and the potential complexity of the matter.

High-Profile Cases
For high-profile immigration cases that demand an elevated level of expertise and
resources, our fee structure may be adjusted accordingly. Rest assured, any
adjustments to the fee will be discussed and agreed upon transparently before

Additional Costs
In addition to legal service fees, there may be additional costs associated with your
case, such as court fees, application fees, or other disbursements. These costs will
be clearly outlined and discussed with you in advance.

Payment Plans
Understanding the financial implications of legal services, we offer flexible payment
plans to ease the financial burden on our clients. Our team, including Euan MacKay,
will work with you to create a payment plan that aligns with your budget while
ensuring that you receive the legal representation you deserve.

Get a Personalised Quote
Tailored to your specific immigration case, including details
from Euan MacKay, please contact our office. We are committed to providing clear
and detailed information about our fees, allowing you to make informed decisions
about your legal representation.

Contact Us Today
If you have any questions about our fee structure or would like to schedule an initial
consultation with Euan MacKay or another member of our team, please contact us.
We are here to assist you through every step of your immigration journey.
McGlashan MacKay Solicitors - Transparent, Fair, and Committed to Your Legal

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Immigration Services Fee Structure

1. FLR Application                                                                                   Fee: £1250 + VAT

2. ILR Application                                                                                    Fee: £1500 + VAT

3. Appeal
Application to Mark Appeal                                                                   Fee: £350 + VAT
Appeal Preparation and Court Representation                                   Fee: £2000 + VAT (No VAT if the
                                                                                                                   appeal is unsuccessful/no status is granted)

4. Private Asylum or Fresh Claim                                                          Fee: £2000 (No VAT if no status is granted)

5. Citizenship Application                                                                       Fee: £900 + VAT

6. EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)                                                         Fee: £500 + VAT

7. Visit Visa Application                                                                          Fee: £1000 + VAT

8. Travel Document / Certificate of Travel                                            Fee: £180 + VAT

Important Note: All fees are exclusive of disbursements, such as court fees or
application fees, which will be communicated and discussed with you transparently
in advance.
For a detailed quote tailored to your specific case or to inquire about payment plans,
please contact our team at McGlashan MacKay Solicitors. We are dedicated to
providing transparent and fair pricing for all our immigration services.
McGlashan MacKay Solicitors - Your Trusted Partners in Immigration and Asylum

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