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From our office in Glasgow city centre we can assist businesses at each stage of the process of employing foreign nationals, whether that is an Immigration law compliance audit, an application to register as a sponsor or by way of appeal to the Tribunal against an adverse decision. 

We appreciate that time is in short supply, so should you require, we can consult online, or we can "come to you." Flexibility is the keyword in our approach to business immigration. 


We can assist clients who wish to extend their stay here in the UK, with Applications to the Home Office on the basis of Marriage, under the Points Based System, Long Residence, an extension of leave or by way of a Human Rights application to remain in the UK.


​We offer specialist assistance with European applications and appeals. 

Spouses, family members and visitors may all want to apply for a visa, and we can assist at every stage of the process, from the preparation of an initial application to the relevant agency, or in appealing against an adverse decision to the courts.


We are experienced court practitioners with a combined experience of over two decades of representing asylum claimants with applications and appeals. 

McGlashan MacKay are driven to represent asylum claimants, often the most vulnerable of clients, with understanding and a commitment to provide them with the best possible representation and a focus on research and country specific evidence and information. 


Contact us today for the very best advice and representation in making your Asylum claim. 


Keeping families together, applying to have recognition of your Human Rights. 

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