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Family Immigration - Bringing Partners from Abroad:

Family Immigration Services at
McGlashan MacKay Solicitors
Reuniting families and bringing partners from abroad requires careful navigation of
immigration processes.

At McGlashan MacKay Solicitors, we specialize in family
immigration, ensuring your loved ones join you in the UK seamlessly.

Our Family Immigration Services

1. Spouse and Partner Visas:

Bring your spouse or partner to the UK with our expertise in Spouse and Partner
Visas. We guide you through the application process, emphasizing the importance of
meeting the requirements for a successful application.

2. Fiancé(e) and Proposed Civil Partner Visas:

Plan your future together with our assistance in securing Fiancé(e) and Proposed
Civil Partner Visas. We help you navigate the complexities, ensuring a smooth
transition to life in the UK.

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